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Is Fort Lauderdale Selling its Future?

Promenade News Commentary Florida has long been a fragmented state. But almost anywhere you went you found a sense of community. That feeling is harder to find. Fort Lauderdale epitomizes the trend. Enclaves and gated communities, high rises and massive structures...

Once Upon a Time, A Covid Story

“What does Covid mean daddy? I was used to my five year old daughter asking questions, like “why is the sky blue?”, but this took me by surprise. It turns out she heard the word on television. It was the 15th anniversary of the pandemic. “Well, it was the start of the...

Blog On with Ray Brasted

Welcome to Promenade Magazine An Independent Community PublicationFall/2020 Click to Read Our Current EditionRemembering the Good Old Days of the Media Forget sleeping pills. I can put someone into dreamland just by talking about the good old days in the newsroom....

Traveling in Morocco an Adventure Worth Taking

By Susan Lazarus My friend and I planned a Morocco trip and after much research, decided on a 10-night, 11-day trip with Morocco Expert Tours. We had a lot of communication in advance with the owner, Youssef and he was always responsive and informative about the...

The Promenade Magazine/South Florida Blog

The Promenade Magazine/South Florida Blog By Ray Brasted Michael McCloud is perched on his chair on a stage he built 28 years ago. An old white dog lies peacefully nearby. McCloud slowly lights another in a chain of cigarettes, takes a drag and then carefully inserts...

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