Fort Lauderdale and other cities in South Florida are experiencing a boom in development
that is unprecedented. Whether Delray Beach, Plantation, Boca Raton or Fort Lauderdale
residents are seeing more and more construction.

What is concerning is that one of two things are at play in local government. Either leaders are incapable of doing anything about what is going on or are in total support.

When I asked one candidate about all the high rises going up in Fort Lauderdale, the answer was “it’s legal”. But does that make it right? Is it healthy for community leaders to ignore what is going on, or worse endorse it?

Long time residents are accused of not wanting progress now that they are here. I don’t think that is true. Planned growth is important. We want to see our community develop. What residents don’t want is chaos.

Residents want to be respected for the work they have put in to improve their homes and their neighborhoods. Blocking out the sun, jamming up streets and straining a weak infrastructure is not the role of those in leadership positions.

We need to have a focus on the details. Water and sewer issues are critically important. Traffic is another concern. There are areas where even rescue vehicles can have a hard time getting through.

It is time for the cities to pay attention to details. Grand plans and big construction projects don’t necessarily translate as improving the quality of life.

Ray Brasted-Publisher