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The Promenade has a new look online but its editorial roots go back over twenty years. As a monthly newspaper the publication served all of Broward County and could be found on newsstands, in turquoise color corner racks and in homes and offices through the community.

Times changed and cities passed ordinances banning rack locations, newsstands went out of business, postal rates increased and, during this same time, technology rapidly altered the landscape.

There is still something that community publications can do that is very difficult to accomplish and that is provide a personal, up-close look at what a community has to offer.

There is a need for publications like ours and we believe we can help to reflect the news from a personal perspective through our stories and photos. If you would like to be on our mailing list to be notified of new postings of photos and stories, please drop us a note.

We live and work here so we hope to see you around South Florida.

Ray Brasted, Publisher

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